National Association of Seadogs Decry Domestic Violence, Takes campaign To Etim Edem Market

Oct 11, 2023 - 19:32
Oct 12, 2023 - 21:29
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National Association of Seadogs Decry Domestic Violence, Takes campaign To Etim Edem Market

By Ndifreke BASSEY Jnr

Cross River State National Association of Seadogs (NAS) have decried the rising cases of domestic violence, calling on all stakeholders to embrace peace. 

Committed to the fight against such societal ills, the association went round some major streets of Calabar through Mary Slessor, Calabar Road and Goldie Street and ended up at Etim Edem market carrying banner with inscription " An Awareness campaign on the rise of domestic violence and its effects on our immediate environment in Calabar South".

Speaking at the popular Etim Edem Market during the campaign, the lead spokesperson, Mr. Bright Osas, said they decided to sensitise wives, husbands and young people on the need to shun violence at homes, markets and offices.

Osas said violence of any form is inimical to societal growth and endangers our homes while calling on stakeholders to join hands and restore peaceful co-existence among families. 

He said: "Domestic violence these days involve both husbands and wives therefore there is need for proper education to shun such act. 

 "They two, husband and wife should try to control one another in the event of any misunderstanding at home. They should tow the part of the law rather than taking to anger and subsequently resorting to battery

 "At this time it has become expedient for us to live as one and eschew violence because we are not animals. Now is the auspicious time to seek other ways of resolving disagreement than resorting to violence acts capable of breaking homes and sowing seed of discord.

"Decrying the rising cases of violence in our society, Mr Francis Egette, said: "Domestic violence is actually a problem and we are fighting to ensure an egalitarian home where wife and husband are protected rather than turning it to a punching arena.

"We have emotional and name-calling violence, but for us we advocate a violent-free home as we also mark international day of the girl child. 

"Bear in mind that the girl child needs protection and as important as the boy child. That is why we went out to the market in Calabar South and to Akpabuyo to campaign against some of these societal ills.

"Commending the Association, the sales representative of Nestle Food at the Etim Edem Market, Ms Juliana Offiong Efa, called on wives and husbands to put an end to domestic violence in our marital homes. 

I'm his reaction, Chief Emmanuel Duru, a provision dealer at Etim Edem Market, said the sensitisation campaign is a very good development because there is so much violence at our home these days, blaming men for engaging in excessive drinking that could lead to domestic violence.