Obong-elect links retrogression to neglect of deities

Oct 27, 2023 - 14:16
Oct 27, 2023 - 14:42
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Obong-elect links retrogression to neglect of deities

By Victor UDU

The Obong -elect of Calabar, Etubom Anthony Asuquo Ani, has traced the retrogression in the Efik race in Cross River State to the neglect of their deities.

Speaking when the Inameti Yellow -Duke house visited him, the Obong -elect disclosed that from his homework ,"We have to respect our deities and bring them back so that we can be greater than what we are now".

He wondered  why  "when we were not many we had those distinguished people but right now we're many, how many of us are great". and suggested that"we go and look for them".

Obong -elect commended the roles played by  sons and daughters of Efik extraction and assured that the time to return the land back to greatness has come.

He reeled out proposed plans for the kingdom including the development of the people through education and the establishment of Industries to create job opportunities and the building of a befitting Palace.

He acknowledged the sterling qualities of late Brigadier Inameti Yellow -Duke, his personal guard while Minister of Finance and stressed that even in death Brigadier Inameti Yellow -Duke is still a great man.

In their address during the solidarity visit, HRH Etubom Charles Ekpo Duke, Etubom of the Yellow -Duke house said Etubom Ani's ascension to the throne ushers in an era of new beginning for all Efiks and a time to rewrite the history of a people who had made tremendous impact in Africa's history but today are almost extinct.

HRH Etubom Duke said Ani's choice is a reawakening in social, economic, political and human resource development in the Efik Kingdom, rebirth of greatness, togetherness and unity of purpose.

According to him, the Inameti Yellow -Duke house came not only with felicitations but to extend their hand of fellowship towards the building of a great and progressive Efik Kingdom.

The Inameti Yellow -Duke house is one of the three houses which existed from Grand-Duke house to gain an autonomy through a consent Judgement of March 30, 2006. The name is derived directly from it's progenitor.