Hallowed Hopes: Gov. Otu should watch his back

Jul 27, 2023 - 14:33
Jul 27, 2023 - 14:37
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Hallowed Hopes: Gov. Otu should watch his back



ell tales of former Gov. Ben Ayade’s alleged bad leadership style which brought the economy of the state to its knees have refused to fizzle out even when the present governor has assured the people a bumper harvest with the expectation of a season of sweetness.

Though season of sweetness may mean different things to different people, the commonest interpretation is that the governor would likely replicate at a higher level, his mouth-watering empowerment programmes which touched both the needy and those who were already living above poverty line, when he was at the national assembly as an honourable member of the House of Representatives and later a Senator.

But most shocking was when his spokesman stunned his primary audience, the media as he dropped what was more of a bombshell to his bewildered audience to the effect that the present administration inherited a carcass in the name of a state. In fact, to use his choice of words “a state that was run without records and a state run on verbal approval”.

For such outburst to come from a competent source who is familiar with records showing in the minutest details the present ignoble causes of the economic conditions in the state because of his sensitive portfolio in government, then we are in for the long wait for the anticipated goodies associated with the season of sweetness.

Surprisingly, as worst and devilish as Abacha’s government was, there were still some pockets of do-gooders who served in that military junta’s evil administration who occasionally tickle him in the grave by praising his name to high heavens as the best ruler to have ever occupied Aso Rock, but in spite of the myriad of those who sang Ayade’s praises as the digital governor probably because they benefitted from his sit-at-home and get paid at the end of every month stomach infrastructure programmes, none of them has raised a finger in support of their benefactor.

All those special advisers on toilet maintenance, special advisers on kitchen affairs and of course special advisers on praise singing, none of them has dared to defend the butchered name of the digital governor they once cherished, or are we witnessing the transformation of Peter’s denial of Jesus before the intimidating glare of the Jews even when he was forewarned that “today before the cock crows you would deny me”, and indeed Peter who vowed to be steadfast could not help as he bowed, to the divine prophetic statement of his master.

It is unfortunate that even when Ayade is not on trial, none of those who reaped fortune from his alleged poor handling of the state economy has bothered to say a word in his favour. Can a lesson be learnt from this? That those who suck you dry while you were at the helm of affairs, may turn around to deny you or keep a distance where your name is mentioned.

Governor Otu should pick up the gauntlet knowledge from there and do what is right irrespective of whose ox is gored for posterity’s sake and not for the interest of anybody or group, bearing in mind that those shouting sweet prince today because of the benefits they are expecting may also play Peter tomorrow.

Equally important is the fact that some of his aides have started making policy pronouncements without minding their positions in the administration and whether or not clearance was granted. The implications of such pronouncements may actually be misinterpreted or better still not really reflect the intentions and thinking of the governor.

Our collective prayer is that Mr. Sweet Prince should not end up as the sour grapes of Eden. He started on a high note and it is our collective responsibilities be it in words or actions to endeavour to ensure that he ends it up on the same pedestal.