Kidnapping the kidnapper

Jul 10, 2023 - 14:12
Jul 13, 2023 - 14:16
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Kidnapping the kidnapper

 with Ubon EKANEM


or those who may mistakenly think that the harrowing experiences of kidnapping activities in Cross River is the subject of discuss might be slightly disappointed. Rather, it is the prophetic advice from an eminent clergy, Bishop Dr. Emmah Gospel Isong at the maiden solemn and fasting assembly held at the International Conference Centre that is trending.


At the occasion which was Spirit filled as some respected fathers of faith among them, the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN state chairman, Rev. Dr. Takis Caifas, the Archbishop of Anglican Communion, Calabar Diocese Bishop Neoyi Egbe, Bishop Dr. (Mrs) Margaret Ene-Ita, Bishop Mrs Ofon Mbuk Archibong Archibong and Apostle Dr. Trinity Ogar gathered to supplicate to the Almighty God to bless our land and restore peace and tranquillity so that, Gov. Otu’s vision for the development of the state might be actualized.

Bishop Dr. Emmah Isong, a man of no mean spiritual height stunned the congregation when he advised the governor to adopt a rare and novel approach in the fight against the ugly business of kidnapping activity in the state.

The ecstatic audience were shocked when Bishop Dr. Isong suggested that henceforth the state government should explore the option of ensuring that kidnappers whose luck runs out and they fall into the net of security operatives should be put through the same psychological trauma experienced by husbands whose wives are victims of the devilish means of making brisk business in the name of kidnapping.

By so doing, Bishop Isong roared on as a wounded lion, kidnappers would be forced to abandon their nefarious trade as they would experience what their victims passed through in the course of negotiating for ransom to get their wives or relatives out of kidnapping captivity. To have kidnapper’s wives also kidnapped as punishment, as rare and novel as it sounds props up some mind-boggling questions as to what would be the fate of kidnappers who are not married? Which form of psychological torture would await those in this category?

Though Bishop Isong may have received applause for his uncommon method of fighting criminality, he should bear in mind that the old adage which says “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you” may no longer hold sway in the present-day world that is agog with drug infested mindset.

Rather, it would soothe our nerves if we reason along the line of “Don’t do unto others what you would have them do unto you” as others mind might be different.

However, maybe Bishop Isong forgot to add that for such a line of prophetic thought of fighting kidnapping activities to succeed, legislative affirmation to give it legal teeth is required to avoid men of the learned profession dusting their wigs and gowns and heading to court to seek judicial intervention, just to justify their own share of the ill-gotten proceeds of kidnapping ransom on the pretext of legal fees.