Utilizing Zebra Crossing: A Vital Road Safety Measure

Apr 26, 2024 - 08:52
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Utilizing Zebra Crossing: A Vital Road Safety Measure


The significance of zebra crossing seem to be lost among majority of drivers and pedestrians. The zebra stripes drawn on the tarred road serve an important purpose by providing pedestrians with a safe path to cross the roads.

Sadly, the reality on our streets paints a different picture. Despite the presence of zebra crossing on major roads, they have remained unused.

This is not entirely the fault of pedestrians.

Many of them are either unaware of their importance or fear of an imminent collusion while using them. Personal experiences, like my own near-accident along Ekong Eta road, highlights the danger of assuming that one is safe when following the rules.

It is evident that zebra crossing is viewed more as decorative features than functional road signs. This misunderstanding poses a significant challenge, begging the question: how can this issue be addressed?

I advise the relevant authorities to collaborate with government in raising awareness about the importance of zebra crossing and other road signs. In addition, strict penalties should be enforced on those who disregard these vital safety measures.

Such actions will not only ease the stress pedestrians face when crossing the road but also reduce the high rate of road accidents nationwide.

It is time to prioritize safety and ensure that zebra crossing serve its intended purpose.

OGBOR is a Student at the Department of Mass Communication, University of Calabar (UNICAL)and on an Industrial Attachment with THE BEAGLE NEWS