Ebonyi State: Gov. Nwifuru Orders Immediate Employment of 1700 teachers, Increases Workers's Salary by N10K,

May 1, 2024 - 17:57
May 1, 2024 - 18:03
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Ebonyi State: Gov. Nwifuru Orders Immediate Employment of 1700 teachers, Increases Workers's Salary by N10K,

From Okoh OMAKA (Abakaliki)

The Governor of Ebonyi State, Francis Nwifuru on Wednesday has ordered for immediate employment of over one thousand seven hundred teachers in primary schools located in the thirteen local government areas of the state.

Nwifuru, who disclosed this known while addressing workers during this year’s workers day celebration held the Pa Ngele Oruta Township Stadium in Abakaliki, also announced a ten thousand Naira salary increment for civil servants, pending the outcome of the on going negotiation between labour and the federal government on the new minimum wage.

Nwifuru further announced the release and publication by the state of one thousand seven hundred employees into the state civil service and an additional one thousand to be employed as teachers, adding that his administration has been committed to the payment of salaries, pension and gratuities.

He said: “As I said last year, your tremendous sacrifices and dedications to our great state summed up your numerous contributions to the growth and development of our state, Ebonyi.

“Atimes things may seem tough owing to the economic challenges we are facing in our great country, Nigeria today. But you have always have uncommon patriotism for the common good of our nation Nigeria.

 “I salute your courage, focus and resilience and productive will. In celebrating you today, it is important to reiterate what our administration has in stock for you as contained in our manifesto, People’s Charter of Needs.

A bit has been shown, but be rest assured of the full implementation of our manifesto, People’s Charter of Needs.

“Let me fully assure you our great workers that our regular promotions, as I have already directed and I am sure it is in progress.

Regular promotions and prompt payment of salaries, pensions and gratuities will continue as it is today.

Presently, those that retired as from January have received their gratuities one hundred percent.

“Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, we hereby the approved and release an additional one thousand seven hundred workers including the judiciary and legislatures as screened and published by the state civil service commission.

“As we celebrate the victory of the past today, we must at all times join our noble effort to fight for a better future for us all. We are amenable to economic and governance dynamics.

We are waiting for the outcome of the negotiation of the minimum wage and to assure you distinguished workers of our great state that Ebonyi will not be the least.

I have directed that all arrears of promotions should be immediately released.

“I am elated that you have shown commitment that you are part and parcel of this great state.

It gives me a lot of joy and it is a challenge to me as your governor. All the issues raised by the NLC and TUC.

Sincerely what we will do is to offer another award of ten thousand naira to join the other ten thousand to be twenty thousand naira” he stated.

Earlier in a joint address presented earlier by the Nigeria Labour Congress(NLC) and Trade Union Congress of Nigeria(TUC) Ebonyi State and read by the chairman of NLC Ebonyi State, Dr. Ogugua Egwu, the event provides the opportunity to remember fallen heroes of labour who paid prize of death just for them to stand as workers.

“The people are those in dire need. The people are those who have been subjected to excruciating pain in utter neglect and societal and psychological rejection.

They are men and women and children who have be abducted, tortured and murdered in the pool of their blood due to insecurity.

"They are our children who may never have opportunities to attain basic education and even when they do, they are abandoned to their own fate in dilapidated structures without guidance and without teachers.

“They are professors who cannot profess their passion not for lack of knowledge but because they have been belittled economically and psychologically, and the wages have further impoverished their mindset.

They are people who are just existing without hope, their fate, always in the hands of God and the popular poor man prayer, “GOD DEY” has become their slogan perpetually.

“The people are those that cannot afford to manage their businesses not because they lack business acumen but because the environment is extremely hostile-they cannot power their offices, machines and even themselves because the cost of energy has skyrocketed beyond imagination”, he said.

He further called on the governor to address the plights confronting workers of the state through the engagement of more teachers in public primary and secondary schools in the state and evolve and enhanced welfare packages for the workers of Ebony State with additional N20, 000 while they await the implementation of the minimum wage.