Whatsapp Approvals by Govt Officials

Jul 27, 2023 - 15:52
Jul 27, 2023 - 15:52
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t actually sounds like a telltale from the various classics of the famous James Hardly Chase novels of the years of yore.  Actually, our jet age youths who are married to the internet via several social media platforms may spend time checking out who James Hardly Chase was from Google, but that is not the centre of focus here.                    

 What has been trending borders on how those who got our mandate to govern us did so by spending eight good years of their first and second tenure allegedly granting approvals of important documents concerning our livelihood via social media platforms like WhatsApp.               

If such a cataclysmic method of state administration was actually in vogue, then the answers to our collective woes as a state is not farfetched, but if such hint is actually a tale from moonlight, then it demonstrates the low ebb we have descended to on matters concerning public importance.         

At what stage did the administration of a state become a kindergarten affair, and may be, that is the hollow reasoning we approach governance and it is why we have shockingly discovered the despicable state we have found ourselves.                             

Looking at governance as an all-comers affair is our greatest undoing and the earlier, we do a rethink the better for us.  Unfortunately, a respected father of faith has thrown his cassock inter the ring by choosing to defend whom he perceived the accusing fingers were pointed at he may have done that probably not because he was a beneficiary of the alleged WhatsApp approvals, but maybe he thought since everyone have shamelessly chosen to keep a distance from their benefactor, let him apply the Biblical injunction of he who is without sin let him throw the first stone.                                

Even more embarrassing is the shameful posture of the 9th session of the Cross River state house of Assembly CRHA, members who were part and parcel of government then, but have chosen the path of infamy by distancing themselves from that administration because of the cancerous affliction that has either rightly or wrongly tarred the image of the administration they were part of, What a shame

 If we may ask at least for purposes of accountability, does it also apply that the CRHA as constituted then was also granting approvals to appropriation bills via WhatsApp? Or was the CRHA by then only existed only by name? Question upon questions would continue to surface on this imbroglio, but at the end may be the ordinary Cross Riverian may take the blame for allowing themselves to be cajoled into being beaten not once not twice in the business of seeing government as a beer parlour business.