Otu's Aide Cautions Against Negative Criticisms On Obudu Ranch Resort

May 5, 2024 - 12:35
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Otu's Aide Cautions Against Negative Criticisms On Obudu Ranch Resort

By Judex OKORO

The Special Adviser to Governor Bassey Otu on Ranch, Comrade Sunday Michael, has cautioned against negative criticisms on the on-going renovations at the Obudu Ranch Resort, saying government's efforts at turning around critical infrastructures should be appreciated.

Michael said it is important to acknowledge that people have the right to express their opinions and concerns about the government.

He, however, noted that it is also important to remember that constructive criticism can lead to positive change, while constant negativity and castigation may not always be productive.

Speaking against the background of some people trying to misconstrue government's deliberate efforts to revive the Resort, the Special Adviser further said: "It is essential to engage in respectful and informed discussions premised on facts about government policies and actions in order to work towards solutions and improvements. 

"After some updates on the ongoing renovations at the Obudu Mountain Resort, some people who are bent on never to see government do well have reduced His Excellency Gov. Bassey Otu’s deliberate efforts to revive Resort as mere painting some even said the pictures posted are old pictures.

"The renovations at the resort are indeed more than just painting, as there is pictorial evidence of massive renovations taking place.

"The renovations include upgrades to the accommodation facilities, landscaping and enhancements to the recreational amenities."

Explaining, he said: "We have not said that the Obudu Mountain Resort is at it optimal. It is a work in progress.

"The goal of these renovations Governor Bassey Otu is to enhance the overall guests' experience and ensure that the Resort remains a top destination for holiday makers.

" If you would like more detailed information or specific updates on the renovations, feel free to ask or make a trip to the Resort" he added.