Edo Guber: Crisis Rocks LP As Youth Leader, Imusi, Takes Over As Chairman, Says Executive Committee Dissolved

May 10, 2024 - 11:44
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Edo Guber: Crisis Rocks LP As Youth Leader, Imusi, Takes Over As Chairman, Says Executive Committee Dissolved

From Imafidon OSAZUA (Benin)

The Youth leader of the Labour Party in Edo state, Ken Imusi, has declared himself the acting chairman, stating that the state executive committee of the party has been dissolved.

Imusi said the exco was not interested in building the party hence the need to dissolve it and chart a new course for the party.

He said: "I, Ken Imusi is now that acting chairman of the Labour Party in Edo State and the exco has been dissolved.

"The former exco are not interested in building the party. The party is suppose to be for the masses but it is obvious that money is playing a major factor.

"A certain aspirant spent thousands of dollars during the primary. This is not the LP of our dream, so the exco has to be dissolved. They are not suspended and there are still members of the party. If they are interested in contesting for their previous post, they should go and purchase the form.

"We have a three man committee from the state to the ward level who will conduct free and fair congresses. We are only waiting for ratification by the national body that will announce the date for a new congress.

"The rate they (exco members) are going, we will not win the governorship election in September. We had 23 aspirants, I can tell you that non of them is with the party now. People can be aggrieved but the exco should find a way to unite everybody but they are busy suspending members via WhatsApp. Is that how to run a party?

"The exco came into power in 2016 and since our tenure ended, we have been getting six months extension. We were left at the helms of affairs because we were still building the party. 

"At that time, only four of us were elected and others were co-opted, but those co-opted are the ones now dictating for everyone in the party. Now is the time to have a new exco so that the party can become vibrant again."

Continuing, Ogbaloi stated that the grievances of the youth leader and his group would be looked into and resolved to bring unity back to the party.

He added that "the youth leader cannot take over as the chairman. I Kelly Ogbaloi, remain the substantive chairman of Labour Party in Edo State, the state executive council remain intact and it has not been dissolved.

"The legal competence to dissolve a state exco lies in the National Working Committee of the party. What they are doing is illegal and I am sure they know this.

"The youth leader is my young friend and a good member of the party. I know that there can be some disagreement which he is protesting but once I am back to Benin, we will call a meeting and Labour Party will fall on one path again.

"If the exco's tenure has ended as he claimed, he is also part of the exco. It is not his duty to recognize that as it is still the duty of the NWC to recognise that and direct the next line of action.

"This is a critical time in the electioneering process and that is why I said that the moment I am back in Benin, we will find a solution and not pursue issues that can disintegrate the party. This is an important time for us as a party and we must unite ahead of the election," Ogbaloi added.